Commercial Programs

Commercial Programs

Whether it be a school, restaurant, food manufacturing facility, church, hospital, retail location or warehouse; we have an integrated solution to fit your needs. We know that your business is not in the business of worrying about pest management solutions, that is why we take the pest management worries out of your business. We are proactive in our approach and understand that an ounce of prevention is definitely better than a pound of cure.

Location Types Serviced

  • Retail
  • School
  • Warehouse
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Church
  • Office Complex
  • Food or Beverage Processing Facility
  • Hotel or Motel
  • Food Service Location

Reasons to choose H&H Pest Management

  • Experience – Few experts know more about pests and pest management than H&H Pest Management Service Technicians, and we are ready to share our expertise with you and your staff.
  • Secure – H&H Pest Management Service Technicians are screened and randomly drug tested, so you can have complete confidence with H&H Pest Management.
  • Reliable – Scheduled service when you need it, provided by expertly trained professionals, so the job will be done right. If you need us between service visits, we’re there to help also. Feel free to give us a call.
  • Consistency – Have multiple locations? Rest easy. H&H Pest Management provides consistent service from location to location. This ensures that the same level of pest management care is provided from location to location.
  • Discreet – All of our trucks and uniforms are discreetly branded so as to not bring attention to any pest management activity that is taken place at your property.

drain guard bio-remediation program


This program is designed for commercial locations that have a lot of drains, particularly hotels and food/beverage plants. We use a commercial foamer to inject a bio remediation foam into the drain lines. This is meant to help clean out the gunk and grime and odor from the drain lines.


fly shield program


Flies are arguably the most pesky pest of all, especially in restaurants and dining areas. Fly Shield is a solution that uses UV fly lights both decorative and commercial grade to attract the pesky flies from a facility and catches them on a discreet glue board located inside.




rodent shield pest management program


The Rodent Shield is our program that covers rodents. If you have a mouse or rat problem this is the program for you.




sentinel pest management program

This is our standalone general insect program for commercial type accounts. Ask us to help you with a quote for your property.



small fly program


Small flies are not noticed as much as the larger flies, but nevertheless pose a huge health risk and sanitation concern. We can place baits in conspicuous locations as well as use bio-remediation products to clean up harborage sites. This program is great for food facilities.